5 Things Nurses must know about Code of Ethics

They work hard to heal the wounds and give a soothing touch to the patients to relieve their pain. But, it’s also true that nurses face ethical challenges every day. In this context, it’s necessary for them to understand the revised Code of Ethics for Nurses well. It’s a professional responsibility to know about their ethical obligations and accountability that would come their way. Here are five changes that matter the most for them.

1. Compassion and Respect: The Nurses are the first point contact for the patients. They know the pulse of the patients and their requirements better. It’s very essential for them not to lose cool and treat the patients with compassion. They can act tough when the situation demands, but without being abusive. The nurses and other health professionals may not make derogatory remarks about the patients or their families, which would vitiate the atmosphere and demoralize the patients.

2. Commitment to the Patient: It is important for the nurses to be involved in supporting patients in making decisions and helping them in resolving their queries. It is very much necessary for the nurses to read the mood of the patients and serve them in a much better way. Their commitment should be towards their profession and patients’ interests first.

3. Protect the Patient’s Rights: The Nurses must promote and protect the patients’ health, safety and rights without any bias. They must exercise restraint not to sneak a peak at high profile patients’ medical records.

4. Fixing Accountability: The Nurses have the authority and responsibility for nursing practice. They must assess the situation and bring it to the notice of the physician or manager when any patient is too sick to go home and need further care at the hospital or care clinic only. They will have to fix the accountability for themselves in such cases.

5. Supporting Social Justice: Nurses deal with social justice issues every day, in every role. Nurses need to think about their responsibilities related to mental health of people, ending discrimination and fighting sex trafficking. They need to be updated about social issues so that they can discharge their duties and contribute their bit when the time comes.