Financing a CNA Education

Most Certified Nursing Assistant programs do not take a long time to complete but, if not prepared, could cause a bit of a financial strain upon the student enrolled. Although a potential student may be qualified to enroll in a program leading toward certification and employment in this wide-open field, often the lack of initial funds does place an obstacle in the path toward starting a rewarding nursing career. There are sources where individuals can seek financial assistance that include looking at scholarships, grants and loans.

  • Scholarships are basically “give-aways” offering financial aid to students studying at a variety of levels where the aid is free; there is no repayments made. Scholarships are granted for a variety of reasons and come in a variety of different “packages” requiring qualifying by recipients based on numerous and diverse criteria. Organizations and institutions bestow scholarships upon applicants for many reasons. Therefore, scholarships can be identified by a number of different types such as merit-based and need-based, to mention a few. Read More about scholarships helping finance a course of study to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.
  • Grants are also types of financial aid that do not get repaid. Typically, grants are government-sponsored forms of financial assistance open to undergraduate students and are awarded based upon an individual’s need to complete a course of education. Applicants must meet eligibility requirements. Multiple sources for grant assistance include the federal and/or state governments as well as the college or educational institution chosen for studying. Read More about grants available for becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant.
  • Student Loans are monies borrowed in order to finance an educational course of study and related school expenses. Usually, repaying a student loan is deferred until after the student has completed a course of study and typically does not schedule to begin until six months after completing the course. There are many types of student loans and the most popular are federally guaranteed ones. The greatest benefit derived from these types of loans are that they are issued with a low interest rate. Read More about obtaining a student loan to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Do not let any lack of financial ability prohibit you from pursuing a dream toward becoming a nursing professional. There is help you can turn to start your path toward a rewarding career.

11 thoughts on “Financing a CNA Education


  2. I’m tryna further my career in nursing but i dnt have funds for cna program in Galveston TX.

  3. I am interested in getting my cna certification. I would like to do it online. I would need a grant. I have been in the health field as caregiver but want to be a cna.

  4. Io filled out the ap an did the test on Lna class had my heart set on doing it an getting back out in the field of work . Now housing turned me down won’t pay for what they said they would . How does a parent make it in this world when no one will Help…..

  5. I am in need of financial help like a grant to get my CNA certificate.I am highly experienced from having my Medical Assisting cert. To being a Residential Councelor . I am unemployed and am willing to even train while working to get a CNA certificate.Thank You.

  6. i need a grant to further my medical career ,i am a social worker ,i want to start with CNA

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