Finding a Grant to
Pay for CNA Training

The cost of any kind of education is never inexpensive even if you choose between a college or a vocational school. And, it doesn’t make any difference what level of education is sought because attending Certified Nursing Assistant courses are no exception. Often, even the most passionate of potential students may simply fins themselves incapable for paying the costs for a nursing education – even for obtaining certification at an entry level such as a CNA. However, it is important to note that any individual thinking of a medical career should not let the lack of financing stop such a quest. There are a variety of grant programs throughout the country that will assist students attempting to obtain an education that does not leave the individual financially strapped either during course study or after graduating.

Short-Term Study May Limit Options

Due to the short-term course scheduling accompanying most Certified Nursing Assistant training programs, many federal grants might not be available to pay the costs since these grants are typically geared toward two- or four-year courses of study. But, there may be federal grant money available for other related costs such as day care or transportation costs. Healthcare is quite an in-demand field of employment where potential students may find a number of smaller grants to pay related costs beyond tuition. Also, specialty groups enjoy a wider array of grant programs that may be open to minorities, single parents, women and others seeking financial assistance in order to become a CNA. Sometimes grants are available that are not specifically aimed at healthcare education programs. Additionally, if federal grants may not appear to be available, applicants should take a look at what their home state may have. Often state grants are available for paying an education in return for an agreement to work in an area of the state after completing training where high needs exist for a trained medical professional.

Check Out Potential Employers for Grant Help

A great source for grants may actually be the institution where a potential student wishes to enroll. Almost all of these educational facilities have a financial aid office that is staffed and equipped to help students find sources to pay their educational costs. Often, specific workplaces offer grants that cover all fees necessary as long as the recipient agrees to work at the sponsoring facility. This is a common practice extended by many senior care institutions including retirement and nursing homes as well as long-term care facilities and many hospice-style organizations. These are usually private businesses where the need for qualified CNAs is always in high demand. Since there is such a dramatic shortage of Certified Nursing Assistants in most markets, institution-paid training programs are becomingly increasingly popular as the nation’s elderly population continues to grow at a steady pace. With a little effort conducting research, people seeking to become a CNA may find programs available in the area where they reside that will cover expenses.

Specialty Programs Help Pay the Cost
Many programs exist that help people from low incomes gain the skills needed to become CNAs. In fact, many schools have programs in place in efforts to attract such groups as single parents and minorities. Check with local sources such as churches, the YMCA/YWCA, local government career centers and possibly vocational schools for information about finding CNA grant programs.

Programs Pay Back After Successful Completion
Throughout the country, many communities have programs created to help students recover education costs once a student graduates and is certified to work. Any organization or business that provides services for the elderly is a good place to look for grant monies to fund an education. There are programs set up every year offering a certain amount of grant money for applicants meeting local requirements. Often, the amounts awarded are limited with application deadlines well set making it important to gather information well in advance before thinking about enrolling in any Certified Nursing Assistant training program.

Grants help people obtain the training and certification needed to work in the field chosen and many CNA students can find the financing needed to start a medical career or possibly change careers without going deeply into debt. Grant money can have an individual on the path to a much more rewarding career and happy life.

26 thoughts on “Finding a Grant to
Pay for CNA Training

  1. Hi my name is shannon and iam from Baltimore Maryland. I would Love to get my CNA/GNA for free,I just don’t have the money they want for me to take the course.Iam a single mother all I want to do is better myself,I been a mother since I was 16years old.I just want good information about were I can go to take the classes,all I want is to gd job for me and my daughter. THANK YOU

  2. Please send me an email of some places that I can use in order to help find a grant or a way to pay for school. Classes Start January 7th, 2013.

  3. looking for information to aquire a grant for certified nursing assistant/nursing school

  4. I am really wanting to get my cna but I run into the problem with the cost I have checked into a couple programs but me not having children they are not willing to help. I was just wondering if there is any help out there.if you could please let me know I would greatly appreciate it.

  5. Im looking for a grant for a CNA class that I want to take in Mobile with the saads program. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  6. Out of work . I do not have money to go back or pay back for loans and am looking to earn a degree as a certified nurses aid. I need a grant and or funding for online classes in this area.



  7. I’m new to the grant funding I need help I’m trying to get in school for nurses aid what would be the best grant for me and what website would be the best one

  8. Hello,

    I was wondering what websites do you suggest for tuition assistance?

  9. i am in only one class and i am registered to start classes in the fall it has now come to my attention that i will not be able to attended these classes for my cna certification.. is there any help out there for me or resources. i am a single mom……low income please help me

    thank you
    desiree fitzpatrick

  10. I tried looking for cna classes that accepts financial aid but there is non in the Los Angeles area

  11. Please help me find a grant or financial aid to start my classes I have no income

  12. I am interested in taking cna training, single mom, unemployed.Ive been layed off for 1yr and 6 months.I desire a grant that pays for the programs that’s needed for me to to become successful. I desire to be a better person at this skill,and to become more skillful in this particular area of my life. I would love some helpful and and informative information to to achieve my goals.Thank you.

  13. I am interested in cna training and receiving the appropriate funding and grants, for this particular area of cna training. Single mom, unemployed and I ve been layed off for 1yr and 6 monts, just trying to better myself and my family life. Thank you.

  14. Please email me info on CNA programs that will assist me in getting a grant to help pay for my schooling. I live in the inland empire, ca. 92506
    Thank you

  15. You may be able to receive funds for your CNA training through a program at your local job center. It’s called the WIA (Workforce Investment Act). If you qualify and complete the process successfully they will pay for your training. There’s different kinds of programs to choose from. Also SNAP offers assistance for training as well, check to see if you qualify. I hope this helps. Let me know what. you find out

  16. I am a caregiver was looking to start cna training but can not afford it I do what I can to get by but trying to better my life and learn more then what I already know I live in frankfort Kentucky have looked for help with cna training but I can’t get the help I need because I don’t have a small child please who can I.turn to for help on my classes?

  17. Hi my name is Felicia and I was just wondering about help with cna class my class starts on March 2 and I’m trying to find a loan scholarship or grant anything to help pay the last bit $400 is what I have left and it would be greatly appreciated if I here any feed back to where I can find or get any help or donations for this ima single mother just trying to provide a good career and life for my child and thank toy for your time.

  18. Hi my name is Felicia and I was just wondering about help with cna class my class starts on March 2 and I’m trying to find a loan scholarship or grant anything to help pay the last bit $400 is what I have left and it would be greatly appreciated if I here any feed back to where I can find or get any help or donations for this im a single mother just trying to provide a good career and life for my child and thank you for your time.

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