What Makes a Good CNA?

Individuals seeking to obtain the entry-level position of a Certified Nursing Assistant in the opportunity-laden field of nursing may find it relatively easy to obtain quick certification for a job that is anything but easy. CNAs are extremely hard-working medical professionals and is, indeed, a beginning point of a dedicated nursing career path. CNAs deal with people from all areas of life who are suffering from a variety of physical and emotional problems for which this professional is trained to help relieve. A good and successful CNA must possess certain personal characteristics and traits that include the following:

  • Good CNAs are well trained. Although initial training for certification may be a short-term study course, successful CNAs are constantly in a learning mode and must possess a passionate willingness to accept new ideas and learn new nursing techniques. There are many skills a CNA can acquire working in this rewarding and well-sought after career choice.
  • Communication skills are essential for working in the nursing field. CNAs must interact with people, patients, on a daily basis. CNAs must possess the ability to understand what a patient is trying to convey to them in order to interpret what that person needs and just what they expect from their daily care program.
  • Knowledge is a key component that allows the successful CNA to explain in clear and understanding tones just what medical treatment a patient is receiving or is about to experience.
  • Observation skills are necessary since CNAs are charged with being diligently watchful at all times. The demands of this job require the working professional to always e mentally alert in order to spot any situations critical to successful patient care. Even the slightest changes in a patient’s condition need to be readily recognized by an experienced and thoughtful CNA so this information can be relayed to the charge nurse.
  • Emotional stability is also a key personal quality that a successful CNA needs to possess. Although not every working shift will encounter challenging crises, but there will be traumatic experiences that call for a stable personality capable for remaining calm and professional. CNAs typically work in environments dealing with the elderly where death is a common occurrence. Other settings call for CNAs to care for individuals who are suffering from debilitating diseases or trauma cause by accident or illness. Human emotions of compassion and empathy are worthy traits but emotional strength is necessary to weather those challenging moments all CNAs must face.
  • The personal traits for remaining kind and cheerful in less than easy circumstances are important attributes for becoming a successful CNA. Remaining calm and gentle with a smile upon the face is always important, even when dealing with patients acting aggressively since they may be suffering severe pain and are actually very scared.
  • Flexibility is also a necessary trademark for a good CAN. Emergencies always seem to arrive at an inopportune moment. Medical care is a 24-hour-per day, seven-day-per-week interaction that sometimes calls upon CNAs to work overtime shifts, weekends, nights and holidays.

A good, successful CNA is, indeed, a valuable caregiver to the patients in their charge but to these patients may appear nothing short of an angel of mercy. These medical professionals are depended upon to serve as skilled and dedicated caregivers in order to help their patients become as comfortable and healthy as possible. If these are qualities possessed by an individual, then a career as a CNA may be an excellent choice as well as the beginning point for starting a rewarding medical career.

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  1. . I recently completed PCC’s Nursing Assistant course including 91 classroom hours and 75 clinical hours. I also completed the nursing prerequisites from Portland Community College and recently passed my state boards to become a CNA1. I intend to continue on for my nursing degree.

    During my coursework I received all A’s in the psychology and sociology classes, and did above average in anatomy and physiology. In reading the Job Description above, I believe the combination of my experience and coursework makes me a good match for any Nurses Aide position. For The 15 years I have involved cared for family members with long-term chronic medical conditions. I monitor their medications, symptoms, and provide feedback to their healthcare professionals. I am Red Cross CPR/AED Certified for Lifeguards, Professional Rescuers, and Health Care Providers. I also have my ‘4 Gallon Pin’ for donating blood to the Red Cross. I am bilingual in English and Spanish, verbal and written. In previous jobs I have provided customer service over the phone for Spanish language speakers.

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss employment opportunities with the companies you work with. I can be reached by phone at (503) 644-7860 or by email at jmcclenn719@yahoo.com . I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.


    Jim McClenny

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